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FX8 Update

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Looks like we will have some new Fractal community members coming in soon! I'd for sure have bought this back when I first looked at the ultra. This looks great. Can't wait to convince a friend to buy one so I can check it out!


Fractal Audio Systems
I don't mean to toot our collective horns on this but I believe that the number one feature of this product is "No Tone Suck". The noise floor is amazingly low, you can't tell when the unit is engaged versus bypassed. The analog signal path design is pristine. We used these new Analog Devices premium op-amps which cost about 10x what other manufacturers typically use and the results are worth it.


Interesting rig and a job well done!!!

I've actually been actively thinking about getting something along these lines for my small venue combo amp rig. Now there's a new game in town to look at and compare.
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