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FX8 Relay Question - Momentary Switching?

Hey guys,
Can the FX8 relays be set to "Momentary," rather than Latching?
I sold my old FX8, but just bought a "B" Stock one today, great sale price!

I couldn't find anything in the search or the manual, sorry if this has been discussed already.


Pretty sure no. You probably don’t want to change your Amp channels that fast anyway.
Thanks Chris,
I have an old Rivera amp that uses Momentary switching.
I've tried it with Latching, but it doesn't work right and I don't want to burn up any of the control circuit inside the amp.
I have a few RJM devices, Switch Gizmo, Mini Amp Gizmo, but wanted to do away with everything I can to streamline my setup.


I guess it works, they call it 'auto-off' instead of 'momentary'. Taken from the manual:

'You can set each of the FX8 relays to LATCHING or AUTO OFF modes. The vast majority of relay-controlled devices require a latching relay. Some amps (e.g. 5150, some Bogners, etc.) require a relay which connects momentarily and then disconnects to an off/open state automatically.

Latching Mode:The selected RELAY ON state remains connected and the switch LED remains ON as long as the switch is engaged. Nothing is connected when the switch is OFF.

Auto-Off Mode: The selected RELAY ON state remains connected only for a moment when you press the footswitch. The relay then automatically turns OFF, as does the LED.'
It sounds like that will work. The FX8 will hopefully get here on Friday and I'll try it out!
I should have guessed that Fractal called it something different.
Most of my amps use Latching relays for switching, but I have 2 older Rivera S-120 stereo amps that use Momentary.
This will hopefully allow me to use the Amp Gizmo on a different amp, which will mean one less wall wart, and a few less cables.

Thanks again,
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