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FX8 Preset Exchange


joe rogers

Hey Folks,

I've seen a couple of attempts to create one of these threads. So, I am going to make this the official STICKY thread.

Only one rule:


Please respect others who are looking for presets, and do not clutter this thread with comments and discussions. Any posts that I find that do not contain a preset to be shared will be deleted. If you post a preset, and find you need to add more comments, please edit the post. Try to avoid adding unnecessary posts.


Please describe your presets in as much detail as possible. Such as:

Intended guitar/bass, etc.
Amp Used
Intended effect (ie shimmer).

You get the point.

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BASS preset: Keith's Bassics (V1)

I know the Wah still sucks for bass (tone-sucks most of the low-end away), but there's not much that can be done about that until they release a new firmware with some better options for bass guitar.

1X = Compressor (for always-on use; fattens slap/pop tone and loudens finger-stroked notes)
2X = Delay (very slight, for always-on use; a little wetness goes a long way :lol )
3X = Parametric EQ (used as a poor simulation of an Aphex Aural Exciter)
4X = Wah (controlled by EV-1 expression pedal and set to auto-engage/auto-disengage; as close to a Crybaby Bass Wah as I could get it)
5X = Flanger (slow pace, modeled after the intro of "To Defy The Laws Of Tradition" by Primus)
6X = Phaser (slow pace to match Flanger; I use this in combination with drive for a few songs)
7X = SansAmp Drive (my attempt to somewhat capture the essence of a SansAmp DI, akin to the bass part on "Dangerous (featuring JoyWave)" by Big Data or "Sex Type Thing" by STP)
7Y = Fuzz Drive (my attempt to somewhat capture the essence of my MXR Bass Fuzz, akin to the bass in "Evenflow" by Pearl Jam or "Hysteria" by Muse)
8X = Reverb (very slight, for always-on use)

There's obviously a LOT of room for improvement here, especially on the Wah and Drive blocks, but this is "good enough" that I'm using it for my first gig with the FX8 tonight.
Feedback welcome!



Here is a preset that I am using with the band. I am using a Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier and a Music Man JP6.

The preset has 8 scenes.

Scene 5 is my clean
Scene 6 is my clean + phaser
Scene 7 is my crunch (channel 2 of the Mini recto mordern)
Scene 8 is my lead (channel 2 of the Mini recto mordern)
Scene 1 is my clean + formant
Scene 2 is a crunch + Phaser
Scene 3 is my Crunch
Scene 4 is my Lead 2

Delay, Phaser and Wha have a X and Y settings for some scenes.
I hope that you will have some fun with it.



Shimmery and Cloudy

View attachment Shimmery and Cloudy.syx

I hope I attached this properly. This is my attempt at a Strymon type of reverb. Note the configuration was done on a 4cm setup, but I don't think that matters. The amp is after the second block, and the following 6 blocks are parallel. All scenes are the same, with a modulated delay, plex shift delay and a reverb.

It is meant to be used on a clean setting.


View attachment NP Strat CountryRock.syx

This is a general purpose pedal board built with my:

G&L Legacy (Strat) with alnico pickups
vinatge (64') deluxe reverb

the drive block in position 3 is for 'always on' or light touch sensitive crunch.

drive block 2 is meant to stack WITH block 3

PEQ at the end is a solo boost

**it's set up for 4CM but I use a jumper to go from out pre to in post so I can put the global volume where I want it**


hey guys i am uploaded another 3 presets- that i try to get petrucci tone a little
i hope it will help yu guys, the presets all for guitar and work like that:
clean- on amp clean chanel
crunch- can or both on clean and dist chanels- i work on dirty chanels
master tone- i use for lead on dirty chanel and for clean on clean chanel
i know its not petrucci but its something



Here is my She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult) preset. It is the flanged intro part. For the main crunch rhythm bit, you can use just about any medium gain settings.

It's designed for a strat with humbuckers in the bridge position, clean channel (adjust eq to suit) and is in Scene 1 (the other scenes were for me just to test stuff).

I hope you like it...



New Member
I play in a band where we play music like Cream, Steely Dan, Crazy Horse, George Harrison, Grateful Dead, Traffic, Miles Davis, Robben Ford, and the likes. We call it a mixture of jazz and blues poured over rock - our goal isn't to copy a song instead to make a song our own in form, tonality, et al.

GUITARS- I have a R9, ES-335 '59 RI, and a MiM Stratocaster that is a "project" guitar.
AMP - I use the FX8 (current firmware as of Nov 1 2015) into my Jackson 4.0 Britain amp, and it's all PRE for now. Until I can purchase a really high quality, Y-cable for splitting SEND/RETURN, I am not willing to use the 4CM. My amp supports a single, TRS FX loop. Hint, hint Fractal Audio.
Compressor - X I use when I really want even playing/volume/soft snap, e.g. Pretzel Logic combined with Reverb. Y setting I increase the attack to greatly increase the snap. Cool solo sound for Robben Ford's "How Deep in the Blues".
Formant - This is a work-in-progress. While I attach an expression pedal to it, I often find myself just parking on Aaa, Eee, or Ooo depending on the tone I want. It creates a cool, hollow tone reminiscent of Jimmy Page's tone on the outro solo in Black Dog. Check it out!
Chorus - Largely took this from a different preset post, and I'm playing with finding the perfect subtle Chorus in X and then making a richer sound in Y.
Wah - Always changing this, and honestly I think it's fun to change the curve from straight line in the expression pedal to something more logarithmic.
Envelope Filter - Spent a LOT of time on this being I own an actual Mutron envelope filter - its sound is unmistakable. Jerry Garcia tone reference Estimated Prophet c. 1977. I have a feeling I will never be happy with this as long as I have the real McCoy to reference:).
Overdrive - I prefer crunch to fuzz, and I want to hear each note, ergo TS-808. The hardest part of the FX8 IMHO is dialing in your distorted tone. I've built the X and Y to have minimal to much higher drive while working a lot with the Low and High cut. On X, I will play Crossroads (ala Cream), and on Y I will play I'm A Man (ala Terry Kath before Chicago Transit Authority turned into a pop radio band)
Multi-Delay - Again taking almost verbatim from another preset post. I REALLY want *shimmer*, so this and Reverb are a work-in-progress.
Reverb - This is a Large Room block from a different preset post, and I played with practically everything to find that *shimmer* I mentioned above. If I play Cinnamon Girl (Crazy Horse), I'll use the OD X setting and Reverb X setting. I don't even use a Y setting on this as of yet.​

I am always looking for ideas! When I say *shimmer* listen to Silver Rider by Robert Plant; it's the best example I can reference (Buddy Miller guitar work through a Swart amp).

Namaste and Good Music,

Paul Johnson




I am using this patch a lot, so I thought I would put it in the FX8 patch thread

The EJ Strat loves it. Clean to mean with great dynamics with your pick attack

You can download the patch to use on your own FX8 from here :

I look forward to more 'Pro-Crafted' tones from the amazing FX8


- CC's patch's with some EQ are working well for me as well

ps. You can save any block from any preset to your 'Library' in the FX8 Edit & use them in your own pedal board set up
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Here is my "default" Eighties Preset that I gigged with last night.

*** Notes ***
1. Before playing : I use MIDI switching so my values probably wont match yours so turn the volume right down just in case it puts your amp at full tilt or enter your correct values for CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD in the MIDI settings (with the correct power) for each scene.

2. I use a flat EQ on my amps - all the EQ here is done by the FX8 or my outboard MXR 10 Band EQ. I have on my MXR
  • 31.25Hz @ 2db
  • 62.5Hz @1db
  • 1.25Hz @0db
  • 250Hz @0db
  • 500Hz @0db
  • 1Khz @1db
  • 2Khz @1db
  • 4Khz @0db
  • 8Khz @1db
  • 16Khz @1db
I guess you could put these values into the PRE PEQ of the FX8 - but these may not be to your liking.

  • CLEAN channel (channel 1 on the Tubemeister)
  • Bridge pickup (split coil)
  • No AMP gain
  • Boosted by 1db on the FX8 output to compensate for the drop in volume
  • CLEAN channel (channel 1 on the Tubemeister)
  • Bridge pickup (sounds good also with neck pickup) (humbucker)
  • No AMP gain
  • No Boost
  • CLEAN channel (slight hair on it) (channel 1 on the Tubemeister)
  • Bridge pickup (sounds good also with neck pickup) (humbucker)
  • No AMP Gain
  • No Boost
SCENE 4 & 5 (I use this a lot and duplicated because I can never remember if its 4 or 5)
  • CRUNCH Channel (channel 2 on the Tubemeister)
  • Bridge pickup
  • AMP Gain setting is about 2 O'clock
  • No Boost

  • LEAD Channel (channel 3 on the Tubemeister)
  • Bridge pickup
  • AMP Gain setting is about 2 O'clock
  • No Boost

    • LEAD Channel (channel 3 on the Tubemeister)
    • Bridge pickup
    • AMP Gain setting is about 2 O'clock
    • No Boost


  • LEAD Channel (channel 3 on the Tubemeister)
  • Bridge pickup
  • AMP Gain setting is about 2 O'clock
  • +3db Boost on the FX8 OUT
Hopefully these will be of help to someone - just remember, my amps may sound different to yours, so adjust the EQ accordingly.

Have fun !



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OK, so.

A few people have asked for some of my presets.

These are all still a work in progress, but they were gigged a few times with great success.

Because these are for an original band they're not really generic sounds (eg crunch, lead, etc.,) but are instead song based with scenes relating to the song structures. Some of the song structures are pretty complex and so the sounds may not make sense out of context... then again you may find one sound that I use for 2 seconds that you think is amazing for something you're working on.

Hope someone finds something useful :) If you DO and want to tell me, or if you have any questions, I don't think you should post them on this thread. Instead send me a message or post in the main forum... happy to explain/justify my decision making :)

Also, these were all created for my custom made amps... they're set pretty darn clean. All are PRE only. Some are mono, some are stereo... actually I think all of these versions are mono...

Oh and there's a few heavy sounds with the compressor turned on... that's to send the amp into immediate feedback. Turn off the compressor if that doesn't suit you.



Ok, for any Police fans out there, here's Message in a Bottle.
Amp: Mesa Lonestar, clean channel (Andy Summers used the drive in the amp, but I set the drive (FET Boost) on the FX8, to give it just a touch of o/d).
I've also put a Pitch block in because for the original recording, Summers used a harmony riff above the normal pitch for the main arpeggiated riff. Try it and you'll hear how well it works, but you'll need to switch the Pitch block off for the non-arpeggio bits or it will sound crap.
For the guitar, I used a Tele on the bridge pickup, but I'm sure a Strat will sound just as good, so long as you use single coils.
Hope you like it :)


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This was built using my pre fender Gretsch Duo Jet with filtertrons into an AX8 running a sim of a Vibroverb

It's a sub octave > big muff > PEQ (to bring back some mids) > an auto engage filter

with out the filter it sounds a lot like Jack Whites sound on "Blue Orchid"


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