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FX8 for 8-string bass?


Lowly guitar player here. Long-time Fractal guy - Axe-FX II and AX8.

A good friend, a truly great bass player, wants delay and chorus FX for his 8-string. This guy plays a lot of notes, mainly a jazz-ish vein. Once he has the options, he might enjoy the other blocks. He does not want amp modeling.

I'm doing some research for him and think for what a high-quality delay pedal will run, he's halfway or more to an FX8. And the Fractal should be the ultimate unit, right? I'm thinking he needs ducking, maybe some mod, and ability to save patches.

Assumed is there is FX8-Edit that runs a lot like my AX8-Edit? And that the bass' input isn't an issue. I'm assuming active pickups, but don't know that.

Any advice for me? I'm pretty savvy with gear, but bass is out of my wheelhouse.




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I'm a bass player and just getting used to the FX8, but having come from a Lexicon MPX G2 as well as a ridiculous number of pedals and rack stuff back in the day, I'm loving it. No issues with bass as far as messing with the tone goes. I haven't experimented with all the choruses and delays, but I've loved what I've heard. The only thing I'm missing is that the G2 did an absolutely perfect MXR flanger and back in the day I had an MXR microflanger which figured in a number of songs. I'm getting closer with the FX8, but still not quite there. While the reverbs aren't quite Lexicon reverbs, they are just different, not worse. I also liked the pitch shifting a bit better on the Lexicon, but I haven't really worked with it on the FX8 enough to write it off.

I think it would be a perfect fit!
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