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FX8 external loop


New Member

Can someone please tell me if the FX8 has an external loop to use an external distortion pedal that can be programmed to switch it in and out of the signal path?

Thanks in advance


It does not have a loop. However, you can put an overdrive either in between the guitar and the input or in between the FX8 out (pre) and the input of your amp. If the pedal does not have a true bypass then I'd probably go with the second option since the FX8 has a top quality buffer in it.


Fractal Fanatic
If not using it 4 cable method, you can put pedals in a loop and switch it in and out by changing presets. there may be other ways but I do not have an fx-8 to try it out. a friend of mine has one though and does this with a none fx loop amp.
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