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FX8 and 5153 100w switching

If you have a peavey 5150, then you need an insert cable to switch channels and turn on/off the loops on your amp.
I'm sure you have figured it out by now, but I will post for anyone with the same question now and in the future. I just started using the FX8 to change channels on my EVH 100 watt. I purchased the AS-EVH10001-XX cable from Best Tronics. https://btpa.com.
The cable is a 7pin midi, split into (2) TRS cables. Channel #1 (tip) and channel #2 (ring) share one TRS cable (plug into relay 1 on FX8) and channel #3 (tip) is the other TRS cable (plug into relay 2 on FX8). Rather than using up 2 blocks for relays, go to the configure page >> Relays 1,2 >> set to Auto off, and choose either tip, ring or off for each relay. Now the scenes will automatically switch to the desired amp channel. Quick and easy to program and also allows for 2 more blocks to be used in the preset. See example pics below. This preset is set up for blue channel on scene 1 relay 1 (Ring) and red channel on scene 2 relay 2 (Tip). If you wanted to add the green channel to scene 3, go to relay 1 and switch to tip.

Hope this helps.


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