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FX Loop Balancing


Hey guys. I have one outboard effects pedal - a Strymon BigSky. I'm setting it up in the FX Loop. I understand that I need to set the mix to 100% with the FX Loop block running in parallel - I'm getting good results from that.

My question is, how to manage the AX8 physical knob settings for Out 1 and Out 2 (FX-send)? There are a lot of variables in play, so I was thinking of eliminating one of those by deciding that these 2 knobs will always be in the same position. If out1 is at 12:00, so it Out 2, and if I adjust it to 11:30, also do that with Out 2. Any "wetness" levels can then be kept to the mix section of the FX Loop block.

Is that the accepted way to handle this?



Out 1 is your overall output. you shouldn't need to adjust Out 2 at all once things are setup correctly. you can turn Out 1 all the way down and all the way up if you want, and Out 2 should stay the same. Out 1's effect is happening AFTER Out 2's effect.
I figured I'd piggyback on this thread instead of starting a new one.

I hope you can help. I have a big sky also I have it patched in in stereo out from AX8 > Big Sky / Big Sky > AX8.

I see the FX Return meter sometimes get clipped or go near the Red. I get sound of course and it sounds good, but not like the depth of the reverbs in the AX factory presets. I just saw Austin Buddy say the AX 8 output should be set to -10db. I did do that. I don't think I did that to output 2. can be the problem?
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