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FW14 TX Star Clean + BB Pre

Alex C

Here's a demo of the new TX Star Clean amp model, first clean and then driven with the BB Pre drive block.
I saw Clark Kent's tip to lower the Master from the default setting of 5.0 to get things to clean up a little, and then I turned up INPUT DRIVE to taste.

Amp: TX Star Clean
Cab: OH_212_BOG-SH_FN-42_Studio-Mode (Ultra-Res)
Drive: BB Pre
Guitar: RG7421 with Liquifire neck (coil split) and Crunch Lab bridge


Soundsd great and very Special!

I havent´t tried that amp, but it seems, that eveything in the axe Needs to check out.............
I think, the 2x12 vorm Own Hammer ist on of the best cabs in the axe - useful for many sounds between clean and rocksounds.

Alex C

Thanks for the positive comments. This is my first clip uploaded to Soundcloud and posted on the forum, and it's nice to get good feedback.

My gear is packed up for practice tonight, but I'll post the patch in the next day or two. I didn't make many changes from the stock settings since this was just a quick demo; here are some things to try in the meantime.

On the amp:
(INPUT TRIM stayed at 5.0) *EDIT: actual value is 1.0; I forgot that the scale is different on this parameter.*

I don't recall the exact BB settings; I would guess DRIVE:~7, TONE:~6.5, and LEVEL:~6.

I had two delays near the end of the chain (in parallel rows), one at 500ms and the other at 350ms.
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Fractal Fanatic
Thanks for posting this Alex. Like that a lot. I'll have to check that out. I love the TX Star, both in my front yard and in my FX.


Fractal Fanatic
That's my fav UR IR for cleans thus far. I've been using it with TripTik & Dumble cleans, but I've GOT to try it with the LS cleans now!
Amazing sounds dude, nice tip of the hat to Timmons, just like what a LS should sound like! +1 to wanting the patch :D


Nice tone.

When you kick in the drive, it has that singing quality that a lot of tone chasers admire... me included :) Well done.



Sorry if this is obvious to others, but is this your own song or by somebody else? It rocks! If it is by another artist I would love to track down the tab otherwise this a 'work it out by ear job'!

Anyone know the answer (Alex - you are the obviously best person to answer!)?
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