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FW11 IIC+ vs Mark V-IIC+ - Not getting good results (Solved)


How close is close :). Axe turned out to be very versatile with V11 but now its time to dust off and update some modulations and gather attention on effects side of this great machine because we got our marks sorted now.


Check a page back man as Cliff sent me a new version of the fw and i matched it without even having to use the tone match block

And it's fine to disagree, music is subjective. By me saying it's an easy amp for me to play ( i did say in my opinion btw), doesn't say that's going to be everyone's experience with it. Doesn't matter how hard or easy it is to play anything, as long as it sounds good and you're sincere in what you play it will all be good in the end :)
Glad to hear you got it sorted out. And sorry I didn't read the last two pages, I apologize for that.


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Mark IIC+ sounds great now...as a big DT fan this amp (and all mesa boogie models) are my go to amps, and i couldn't use them without an overdrive in front untill 11.01 but right now I think there's something changed about the gain of this amp and it sounds fat and juicty without a TS in front of it. awesome job Cliff. thanks


Yes, but the overdrive. Maybe it's hard to find the good balance between the input drive and the overdive. Or triode hardness or qny solution? (But a real IIC+) :)


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when I try to send Seans patch to my Axe using Fractal bot it says it's an Invalid file??? (I am on 11.03)
How are you guys getting it on your machine?


the bass control on the amp makes a big difference depending on how you set it. the bass control changes the amount of growl the amp has. you really have to dial in the amp's tone controls to get the distortion right, then the graphic eq polishes the sound.


Hmmm. Now i'm playing with the triode plates, maybe this way is better for me. The first plate on 3-4k the second is on 9-10k...
I see nobody in the same boat.
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