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FW11 Dumble ODS Patch For single coils


Fractal Fanatic
FW11 Dumble ODS Patch For single coils

Axe-Change - Download Preset - Dumble ODS SC v1 - by LVC

Two channel Dumble patch with 5 scenes. Designed for single coil guitars and FRFR.

Suhr Landau Strat
Matrix GT1000
Matrix Q12 Passive Monitor

Like all of my patches, this one is designed for gigs and is meant to be played "loud"

Scene 1 Clean Channel: - Clean (tried to go for an SSS vibe) - Optimized for positions 5, 4, 3, 2 on pickups
Scene 2 Clean Channel- Smokey Blues - One of the tones I love on a dumble is that woody tone where it is just about to breakup but it does not. Optimized for the neck pick up
Scene 3 OD Channel: Low Gain Dumble - Another of my favorites - the amp is clean but gives you that "dumble break up" when you dig in (typical Larry Carlton tone) Optimized for the Neck Pickup
Scene 4 OD Channel: Mid Gain crunch (Optimized for the bridge pickup)
Scene 5 OD Channel with Fet Boost: Full Monty Dumble Lead tone. Optimized for bridge pickup


Link to my Twin/Tweed Patch for Single coils

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This is another gem!!!
And exactly what you say is what you get from this patch ;)
I am grateful for your skills/experience in the "tube world" and its translation to the AxeFx and on top of that your willingness to share.
Thanks again.
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