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FW 19.2B Depth Parameter on "USA Lead" [NOT A BUG]

Hi Fractal admins,
I'm having some trouble with the Depth parameter on my USA Lead Patch (it's my main patch, been through a lot of tweaks). For some reason, when I turn depth up, it doesn't seem to add anything. Maybe I'm just not hearing it, or maybe it's actually not working, or maybe that's just the way the control works for this amp...? Either way, thought I'd let you guys know.

Also, I've tried it on my Peavey 5150 patch and the depth works fine there.
Here's the patch.
View attachment Mark IV Main.syx

Just a heads up, there are 7 scenes, all with different combinations of drive, comp, etc. Scene 6 changes the amp to the USA clean 1.
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The Depth knob is inactive on that amp model. The real amp doesn't have one either.
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