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Funny way to mess with the audience / amp snobs....


So I have decided to get on craigslist or ebay, purchase a super cheap Gorilla amp (the worst looking one I can find) and set it up on stage with a dummy mic in front of it.

Looking forward to the bewildered looks from the guitar players in the audience.....

I have a warped sense of humor btw :p


Just for laughs, I'd cut a hole in the bottom of a soup can and run the mic I posted through it. If anyone asked, I'd claim it's all about sound reinforcement or some other horse crap.
You'd also have to pantomime some can kicking along with some guitar noises to really sell it.

Maybe pull your guitar cable out and thumb it every time you smack the can :)


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Use a Line 6 Spider. Tell people all amps/FX are from the Spider. I'll bet a bunch of players will tell you that your tone "sucked".


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Some punters are mega-gullible.

Many years back we had a residency gig in a bar/club and although the doors to this upstairs gig room were not officially open until 9pm, if people had had a meal in the downstairs restaurant they got complimentary tickets to go upstairs - so sometimes you'd get the eager beavers who'd eat early and then get admitted upstairs before the doors officially opened so they could get the good seats.

One such group of lads and ladies were present one night right at the front and centre of the stage as we were still setting up and the lads were bantering away with us (being pains in arse) more to impress their girls than anything else.

Our drummer's set up routine was he'd get the kit assembled with toms. kick and hi-hats set up first and just have the empty stands set up for his precious wood snare and (don't effin' touch my) cymbals which would be the last things uncased and put in place. He would sit behind the part assembled kit and just play with imaginary sticks to make sure things were in the right position for him. This caused great merriment with these (now pretty well oiled) punters who started shouting things like 'Mate - I think you forgot something' and other such wit and repartee.

The keyboard player was already set up and he and our singer were over by his keyboards chatting - so the singer tipped our drummer a wink and shouted to the punters that the kit just hadn't been turned on yet and it used 'electronic air' cymbals and 'proximity' drums. The keyboardist then loaded a kit on his keys and started sync'ing along with the drummer's 'empty' hands.

The look of wonderment on the punters' faces was classic ...... the singer wound them up perfectly and had them all agreeing that it was fantastic cutting edge technology just before the drummer stood up and went to get his snare and cymbals ..... and the drums kept playing .... big red faces in the front row :)

Innocent fun in a grim and troubled Belfast as it was way back then
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