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Funny video/new song from my bass player


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Here we go with some fun stuff. The bass player from my band Chaos Inside has written a new song. I had the honor to arrange and play the guitar tracks and do the mixing and mastering for the song.
It's a funny rock song in Austrian language with dialect, so even German people have to read the subtitles to understand it. But don't worry, the lyrics make no sense at all. The title could be translated to English as "I don't give a f** at all" ;-)
Bass Track is done with the SVT sim from the Axefx III by using IRs from Petra's custom 2x12" bass cab, the IR-pack (V2-C-Bra) for it will be released within the next days.
All guitars are done with 1 track Friedman HBE 2018 C45 and a personal IR mix from the V2-Boa cab pack and track 2 Angle Severe 1 with a personal IR mix from the V2-Angie cab pack. Have fun and tell us, how you like it!

Andy and Pez

Joe Bfstplk

Great tune. The humor comes through despite not recognizing many of the words. I had one semester of German almost 40 years ago, but lived with an Austrian girl for the latter half of the '90s and most of the '00s. Sadly, she committed suicide in 2019. Her mom is an artist and lives in Vienna, on Klimschgasse, near the Renn Weg. I found Austrian German is easier to speak than the standard northern dialect. To properly speak the northern dialect, you have to sound like you are coughing up a hairball....
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