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Fun News Item Of the Day


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Pornography and sex toys are theoretically illegal in Thailand. However, at the street markets you can see all kind of paraphernalia and dildos of dubious quality

Since last month, tampons are classified as Cosmetics, subject to government quality control, in order to protect the health and safety of consumer. I am wondering if they will do some reclassification of the sex toys, in order to implement some quality control. I vote for "sport and fitness" category :D



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Whatever life gives you, take it humorously

An alleged drug dealer was found after humorously hiding inside a jar to attempt to escape the arrest.




la noise

Power User
Wow!! Does it matter if it was Fat Elvis's hair or Prime Elvis's hair?? :)

I won't mention any names, but I have seen chewing gum( used) and clipped fingernails
auctioned off as well.

Bid early and often!!! :)


Mooooo! Seriously! This person drove through McD's with three calves in the back seat!

Grandpa used to describe the size of everything in terms of a calf. For instance, if he was describing a large dog, he would say it was "about as big as a calf." Or about a car, he would say it "could seat for calves comfortably." (Oh, that was another thing: how many calves could ride in something.)
One time he was talking about a calf he had, and I asked him how big it was. He said it was "about three-quarters as big as a calf."
Sometimes Grandpa would tell time by calves. If you asked him how long something would take, he'd say "About as long as it takes a calf to drive over here." - Jack Handey
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