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FullRes IR vs. Reverb


One of the samples below uses a FullRes IR and the other uses a Reverb block. The difference might seem obvious to some, but I think the Reverb block does a very passable job.

Sample A
Sample B

Incidentally, the FullRes IR I used is one of the two that's linked to in the latest Beta 3 firmware post(ie. V2-Viper-k-sE8-FFL.syx).
Just curious why you only used one? As it's supposed to simulate room mics and they were created that way, using them as a stereo pair is probably a more appropriate comparison.

Joe Bfstplk

Copied from my post on 17.00b3 - prolly more on-topic here:

FWIW, I had an idea for alternate paths to get some AITR going, for those who are not able to use the IRs for whatever reason:

Reverb with a few adjustments to lose the room wash and focus on the early reflections doesn't do a horrible job at giving some AITR feel.

BLOCK FILE (right click and save-as if you get a screen full of gibberish)

Block is set up for a parallel reverb block, but should do ok in series with input gain and mix numbers swapped, more or less to taste, YMMV, not valid in all states, void where prohibited by law....
B sounds better but that doesn’t mean A is less good… to be those new ir are like what we used to record with mutliple mics in the room and that was not a reason not to add a nice plate reverb. Would be interesting to make the comparison with longer tail reverb on both to reduce the « pleasant« factor


I agree with the consensus so far. I don't know which one is which, but I like Sample B better, personally. Sounds more "real." Not sure if that would still be the best in a mix, but it sounds better isolated on headphones.


Power User
I also prefer sample B mainly because it sounds more pleasant while A sounds a bit hard.


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sample B sounds like IR to me, has that phasyness that IRs can have and sounds a bit more natural, better...sample A sounds to like the reverb block.


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Sample A has a much more realistic room sound. Sample B sounds like its tacked on and doesn't mesh nearly as well.
the more i listen, the harder i find it to tell which one is which. I still like B more and this makes me think it's the IR. i understand also your way of thinking but with the same logic you could also say "The reverb block meshes/should mesh better with the core guitar tone/IR cause your are sending THE Cabinet/IR you are using through the Reverb/Room where as with the FullRes IR you are adding another cabinets/mics capture in a different room. So the latter should have more seperation/difference between the reverb and core guitar tone.


Trying to make that evaluation based on a single pair of FullRes IRs is a bit premature to say the least. As always, results will vary wildly with the IRs you pick and how you set them up.
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