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FullRes Cabs

daniel Clapper

New Member
I haven't seen this asked in the beta pages for fw17 but are there any plans for the new full res cabs being brought to cab lab or cab lab being updated to work with them? I apologize in advance if this has been asked and i didn't see it in the search function before posting. I'm a mark 1 axe 3 owner, maybe this could be a potential workaround to not having the extra non volatile memory that's needed to use them? Thanks for all you guys at FAS do for us! I'll still love my mark 1 regardless if its unable to support them


Yes, I believe Cliff said that Cab-Lab is going to be updated for FullRes support. Once AxeEdit is updated you will also be able to use Axe Manage Cabs to load FullRes IRs into the Scratchpad slots as well using the audition features there.

For now, if you install the latest beta FW on your MK1, you can use the instructions posted in the Beta FW thread to load FullRes IRs into the Scratchpad slots using Fractal Bot.

Hopefully Cab-Lab Lite will also be updated for FullRes as well.


Hi aziz,
you must have an Axe-FX lll Mark II,
since there is no FR bank to store the capture result on the Axe-FX lll Mark l, moreover, there is no FR IR type capture option in the Mark l
but I haven't tried yet!
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km 202257

+1 for FullRes conversion feature on Cab-Lab, unless there's an obligation that refrain from FAS to do it (such as one with major IR vendors that Cab-Lab not make the functionality public for a certain period).
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