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Full Band Cover of CHON - "Fall" (Vibrato Verb)


Whoa! This is a tone that I've been wanting to try out many times already. Can you shed some light about the settings? Thanks!

And also, how young are you?


amazing job at 1:57... that's on my shortlist of parts to learn (know of any tabs?)

You nailed the chill/crazy tone that is Chon. wow!


@aens I'm glad you dig it! Most of the tone is from the guitar and really digging in the right hand, but the tone is all the main knobs at 12 o clock and the input drive pulled way back. The cab is one of the @ML SOUND LAB BRIT 's at well. And I'm 26 y/o.

Thanks for the info about the tone! Haha, you look much younger than me, but actually I'm one year younger than you...


Hey all!

I haven't made a post in awhile, but I just finished up a cover of Chon's song titled "Fall" with a friend of mine!
The guitar tone is the Vibrato Verb amp with my american Strat in the 4th pickup position.
I hope you all dig it!

Wow i'd be afraid with your Axe unit on that chair outside be careful. I'd have a heart attack. Nice cover by the way. Sounds great.


New Member
Man, this was great. If you don't mind ever coming off this preset I will gladly take it off of your hands. You really nailed this tone, and the playing was fantastic, you should try some DGD some day.
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