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Fuchs ODS 100 Classic functions using FX8 for switching

King Tone

Hi, I don't own a Fuchs yet...SERIOUSLY thinking about it, though. I am just wondering if any of you FX8 users have a Fuchs ODS Classic. The amp has a handful of switching functions...just trying to see if they can all be used. I have an FX8 and love using it with the amps that I have but most do not have as many options as the Fuchs. The (newer) classic series footswitch/amp has switches for channel, gain boost 1, gain boost 2, mid boost, and reverb. The regular foot switch has buttons for all this and uses some sort of cat 5 cable to connect to the amp. It would be nice if the relay switches could work with some sort of adaptor but maybe the only way is an RJM box with cable and connected to FX8 via midi. Just trying to figure it out...the Fuchs footswitch is a bit large...I would much prefer to use the FX8 for all that plus the combined switching aspect such as clean channel + certain fx, dirty channel plus amp boost+fx, etc.


You’ll have to contact Fuchs to find out. They don’t say what the connector pinout is or whether they’re using dry contacts or some other scheme. That’s necessary information.

Check the FX8 manual and read the part where it says what you can connect the relay jacks to. That should have all the information that Fuchs needs to make a determination.
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