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Fryette Power Station tube power amp


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I've considered it. Been after picking up a tube power amp for quite awhile. Definitely probably works quite well as a tube power amp. For the price, I'd have some other options though maybe. I've also been awaiting their LXII which will probably never happen and is a bit pricey as well.


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I use one. I run the full ir path to foh. And out 2 goes to FPS and cab. It's very good. Even better than the two ninety two I used before.


This device looks like the EXACT product I have been wishing for.

I have the Axe FX II, a 1989 JCM 800 2204, and a Mark V25.

For my Axe FX II, it can be a lightweight portable power amp when needed.

For my JCM 800, it gives me an FX loop without the need to alter my amp. Plus an attenuator.

For my Mark V25, when playing in venues that require more power it can be used to boost the power.

If I were only using it for one of those applications, I may go a different route. Maybe. Maybe not. Like for instance if I only needed more headroom for my Mark V25 I would get the full size Mark V.

But when there is a single device that can handle all these tasks, and you would use it for all those tasks, it's hard to not see the value in such a product.

If you are a lunchbox amp addict and want to be able to use them in venues where 50 watt amps make more sense, this addresses that.

If I decide to pick one up I am probably looking at the beginning of August. I'll post a review if I pick one up!


I have one and it is every bit as good as one side of my Randall RT2/50 stereo tube power amp when used as a straight up power amp. I have an Atomic AmpliFIRE pedal plugged into it most of the time to power a Mesa Boogie 1x12 with an EVM12L speaker. It makes a killer compact rig.

It is also the best attenuator I've used, very transparent and sounds consistent from full volume down to very attenuated.
And it it does a great job of making a small/quiet amp sound big and loud.
And it does a great line out to record a silent amp.
And it does a great job of providing an effects loop for an amp that doesn't have one.

It is a very versatile piece of gear that excels at each of the possible modes of operation.


I have one here, but I haven't used it a lot, yet. Just with a Red Iron Amps T-Rex. Does a good job of attenuating, but I'm no expert on that kind of stuff. Seems to be very well-made, though!


Stevenstrat thanks for starting this thread. I've been wanting something just like this. Saw your post and I did some research. Picked on up on the gear page at a great price. Gets here Friday. I'll let you know my thoughts after I wrap my head around it.


This looks pretty good. I'm wondering if this could be another option to the supposedly coming LXII? They are both 6L6 based if I remember correctly except the LXII is 80 watts bridged and rack-able.


Power Station® Integrated Reactance Amplifier® - Fryette Amplification

looks great.
Will probably buy one for my deluxe reverb, and as a power amp for the axe fx.

Anyone who has used it as a power amp ?
I bought one just to use as a power amp for the Axe-Fx II. Works excellent! I use it to power either a 1x12" with Celestion Century Vintage at home, or a 4x12" Marshall 1960 on stage + with added cab sims to FOH on gigs. The power station brings out more characteristics in the simulations than my previous setup (Axe-FX II to power amp in on a JVM410HJS). On the downside, the PS has fan cooling that isn't very noisy, but still not silent at home.


The Power Station is a nice product. Make sure you're buying from a trustworthy source.

I'm not writing this easily, but at the moment a lot of people (including me) who backed a Kickstarter campaign by Fryette, are upset or worried.
The product (GP/DI) was promised to be released in Feb 2014 and is still not here. Not only that, but Fryette has also stopped communicating about it, totally.
So he has the money (> $ 70.000) of about 150 backers, but he doesn't deliver and has been silent about it for more than 3 months already, violating the Kickstarter rules.
Certainly decreased my trust in the KickStarter concept.
TBH, I wouldn't buy direct from Fryette at this moment.

@mods: if this post violates the forum rules, feel free to delete it (it's just a warning, based on facts).


In contrast, I bought mine directly from Fryette. They shipped within 24h to Norway, and answered all my questions quickly.

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I have one now, as the dry part of a wet/dry (mono) set up. Studio set up is Ultra, Fx out (output 2), to PS to 1x12 cab. The PS replaced either a 50w Two Rock (power amp in, via efx loop return) or a CarolAnn head. The wet is Ultra Output 1 to FRFR monitors. The Fryette is so much lighter than using an amp head and the tube amp feel is there. Because the PS line in can accept the signal from an amp, you can crank Output 2 without worry. Controlling tube grind with your guitars vol knob. Kill the wet side (Output 1) and work on balance of the dry gain stage ( guitar, AxeFx, PS), then blend in the wet side. Im still wotking on what speaker in the 1X12...right now its an old Altec 417 8H, but have others in line to try ( Celestion 65 & V30 ). The more you push the AxeFx Output 2, the more the tone of the pushed speaker is added to the mix. So far, a great product !!


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I use one. I run the full ir path to foh. And out 2 goes to FPS and cab. It's very good. Even better than the two ninety two I used before.
Yes tell me about this, since I am about to pull the trigger on a 2/50/2 or 2/90/2 for my AxeFX. Now the cost difference is not too much, but if the Power Station is better that is always a good thing.


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The power station is more versatile, lighter and tonality wise has a slightly spongier feel and a less harsh presence than the 2/90/2 I owned. However if you want a stereo power amp then ....

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Power station is mono, correct? For me this would be a significant draw back compared to most other rack power amps.
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