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just turned on the AXE II and it is frozen - the input lights are all lit up as well as the edit, midi, and output lights, the screen is blank, nothing. tried re-starting it a couple of times, nothing. this has never happened to me before. qu'est qu'c'est?


Let it go... Let it go... (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Seriously, there is a way to try to "force" it. You have to press and hold one of the buttons while powering on... But I don't remember which button. Try a forum search.

Also, try to power on with nothing connected (no usb, no MFC, etc).

Oops... Others already answered, but my reader didn't show those replies until I posted.
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read a similar post about a month ago seams like the fix was an e prom, I suggest starting a support ticket!


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Contact FAS support if thats the place you buy Fractal stuff in your location ..... or the authorised dealer for your location (for example G66.eu if you live in EU etc)


talked to Charlie @ fractal, he said it is unusual that it would do that out of the blue. he expected that it was right after an update. they are sending me a re-boot chip ($5). I should be able to install it myself.


I had a similar problem. I've had my box for a month now and the first day it was fine. On day two when I hit the power switch...the box froze with the leds in some power up state and had to cycle the switch again and then it worked. Since that 2nd day initial event, the issue has not re-occurred.

edited: just for the record...the issue I saw was not an update issue. It was probably not until a week after I had the unit that I learned and exercised the steps to do an update.
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I had a similar Problem with my old AxeFX II (mark 1) last year. Right after updating it was frozen all of the sudden. If I remember everything right pushing enter + recall button while booting solved it and I was able to reprogram the firmware.


Charlie @ Fractal sent me a $5 re-boot module. It was easy to install and it got it up and running again.

also had to update with the latest FW as part of the start up process and I am noticing a very nice difference between 18.4 and 18.12. Am I just imagining that?

thanks, happy player again.
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