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Front - rear instrument input comparison


Is the instrument input to which I connect the guitar from the front identical to the rear one? Is it possible to preset Bassguy: the instrument rear input the dry scene (clean) has a darker sound and the Lead (driven) is lighter (high end) in comparison with the front instrument input - dry scene (clean) has a lighter sound and the Lead is darker than using rear input ?!


I can hear slighly difference although in User Manual stands:
" The front Instrument input always overrides the rear instrument input. This allows you to build
a rig using the rear input—with a wireless unit, for instance—and then change to the front input
simply by plugging in a cable. There are no settings for this. The input switches automatically.
Both front and rear Instrument inputs feature our “Secret Sauce IV” circuitry, which — among other
things — lowers the noise floor using a proprietary technique and special analog input circuitry.
The Input 1 block sets the impedance for Input 1 automatically, or can be manually overridden
for “loading” effects on your pickups."

Del Pedro

The front input has Auto-Z technology. The rear doesn't. If the preset/scene has a block that lowers the input impedance the inputs will sound different.
Hm, what's the idea behind that? I think it should technically be very simple to connect both inputs before the auto z circuit.


From the manual:
  • Both front and rear Instrument inputs feature our “Secret Sauce IV” circuitry
So then they are not both the same?
Oh well...then I guess I'll have to run the input to the front instead.


Huh… maybe that’s why the axe fx fuzz hasn’t been quite doing it for me lately. I made a nice setup with a little snake for all my wires from the pedalboard to the axe fx and I’ve been using the rear input.

Jim DeSchamp

If you look for something wrong all of the time you will always find it something to bitch about. Reminds me of one of the reasons I closed the guitar. It seemed the winning was getting worse and worse and 28 yrs for me was long enough. Loved the pro guys!

Del Pedro

To be honest this looks like a design flaw to me. I can't think of any reason why the two inputs should be treated differently.
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