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Front Input vs Rear Input

I know the Fractal Axe FX II and others have the option to use the rear input instead of the front.

Has anyone heard any difference in the sound/signal by doing that?


Fractal Fanatic
I prefer the front. To my ears it just sounds better. I know about the "secret sauce" but have no idea what it is. For all I know, Cliff and FAS might just be messin' with people, like beverage companies who put the same stuff in different packaging and are amused by people swearing that package A is waaaaaay better than package B.

Perhaps my wife is right when she says I have "finally lost it". I'm still going with the front input.


The front seems to sound a bit better, but if the back was more convent I would pick it because it's so tiny that most people would not notice a difference. I used the front and back with my wireless it worked well with both.


Fractal Fanatic
Secrets sauce is about noise floor. Other advantage of front is you can choose impedance or set it to auto. I never used the feature and always did 1m (+cap I think it was) which is the same as read. When I had the g90 I always used the rear


I use a wireless (Shure ULXD4), and plug into the front, only in case the wireless were ever to go down, I can plug a cable in immediately and keep going. I keep a cable on top of my rack at every gig.....even though I've never had to use it.

Originally I A/B'd the front and back and heard no difference.


My wireless unit is permanently plugged into the back. At home most of the time I plug into the front out of convenience. Never noticed a difference. Don't really even care if there is.
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