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Wish Friedman Naked & ADA MP-1 Model


New here
The MP-1 is amazeballs anyone who denies it has no taste. Unfortunately this is not an opinion... there are some things that appear qualitative but are actual objective reality. This is one of those things.

Anyone who cannot hear a properly dialed in MP1 into an EL-34 rack power amp and be staggered by the sheer majesty of it does not deserve our scorn, they deserve our pity. Like a blind person standing before the Mona Lisa never able to know the ineffable truth of its visual beauty.

Also, it is one of the most requested items here... and while popularity is no guarantee of excellence, it certainly would behoove a manufacturer to note popular requests. FWIW, I assume this is mostly because we have lots of people here who appreciate the finer things life has to offer, tonally, and can thus recognize greatness when they hear it... this makes sense given the Axe's own awesomeness.

I would definitely love a FAS enhanced MP1.
Very well said. I had the mp1 years ago and it was like...Hell Yes!!!...when i turned it up. Pure glory.
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