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Friedman BE V1 (ambient metal)

Hey guys,

I did a short track of how the Friedman BE V1 behaves in a mix and I have to say it's kinda naughty :p
I recently updated from quantum 3 to 8 and I kinda got aware of this amp as my all presets from quantum 3 sounded muffled. So I sat down and dialed some new prests with many different amps and I liked this one the most. For this track I used my Jackson HT7 loaded with BKP Juggernaugts.

Hope you enjoy.


One of my favorite axe amps and one of the few amps I would still consider buying. What cab did you use?
One of my favorite axe amps and one of the few amps I would still consider buying. What cab did you use?
Yip I really like how this amp sounds at that low gain stages, in this case it was at 2.5! I used the ML Zilla Green M SM57. The only thing I did not like of the amp in combination with the cab is that when the bright switch is on, I get a really harsh ugly sound while playing and I can't really filter it.

..Thats not ambient at all.
Sorry if I mislead with the title but I thought that the melody on top was pretty ambient and the rythm was pretty metal :)


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I really like the combination and I have been trying to get a similar sound for a while. Mind sharing the presets and maybe how you constructed the layers?
Thanks for the kind words! and sorry for answering this late :p
In terms of this sound -> yeah the guitar does a pretty decent job but the bass and the layering (slight mixing) also has a huge impact. I`m not really keen on sharing my presets since I know it won't sound the same on your setup, with your guitar. However I can share my Ideas behind creating this tone.
So first off I start with choosing the amp and cab. Usually, for the amp, I only consider the gain structure and the mid behavior ( however this is drastically influenced by the cab ). When chosen amp and cab, the first thing I do is cranking up the mids and playing around with treb, presence and bright-switch. I like a good amount of mids and treble/presence in my presets. It gives some clarity and harshness I'm after. Second I place a relatively fast compressor after the input gate (which I use btw). You will need to set this compressor to you guitar. Try to play really loud and big chords, as well as hard picked single notes and listen for any funny behavior. Better use headphones for that. Next I use an OD, I think the 808. I boost the mids at around 1400 Hz and reduce highs and lows slightly. Next comes a gate, followed by the amp and cab section, followed by an EQ to filter some hiss -> depending on cab and amp sometimes I cut more, sometimes nothing. Also that depends on how you set the presence and the bright switch. For most amps I avoid using the bright switch as it adds a whole lot of fizziness, at least with my BKP Juggernauts ^^ After that EQ there comes another gate and thats it. Pretty simple set up.
But please, keep in mind .. this tone is really suited for my playing style / guitar / setup and even with these tipps it won't sound good out of the box. Also, as mentioned earlier, the guitars on their own sound really nice but to sound good in a mix does not necessarily mean that they sound good while fiddling around. However my presets kinda do lol :p
Short update: Recently I've been using the 5150 blue model and I really like the outcome. Here's a taste of it :D
please note, that it's a test of how well my cheap warwick bass behaves in a mix.
Hope this helps.
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