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FRFR recommendation for Axe-Fx III (not the Atomic CLR)


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Hello all,

I have read through many threads here and elsewhere regarding FRFRs for the Axe-FX III, and I decided to go with an Atomic CLR. Though it was originally listed as in stock, it seems that it actually wasn't. I haven't gotten any response whatsoever, and am thinking about cancelling my order (or even disputing the charge with my credit card company) because the customer service isn't what I would expect from a small company catering to a relatively niche market.

Now I'm looking at alternatives, and would like some thoughts. I don't play live gigs / out at all, and am wanting the FRFR just for playing at home and in my home studio. I primarily play harder music (metal / djent / prog) but don't want to be limited as I also enjoy many other types of music. I was hoping to get something relatively neutral to take full advantage of the Axe-FX III's modelling capabilities.

Some that I'm considering are:

Friedman ASM12
Xitone - GRFR 12" active wedge OR 12" active wedge OR 12" open/closed back cab)
QSC - K12.2 OR KW122
Mission Engineering - Gemini Wedge OR Gemini 1 OR Gemini 2

I'm not sure that I need the connectivity of the Gemini 1 or 2 (especially Bluetooth and such).

I'm open to suggestions regarding those choices or any others. I had originally thought about a Matrix FR212A, but that is also out of stock. Right now, my Axe-FX III is just sitting, and I'd like to start using it sooner rather than later. That being said, the overall sound quality is what matters to me, and I'd like to make the best choice that I can.

Thank you for your time and help.

Nathan Zachary


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Well I sent a request to cancel my order with Atomic Amps, but I would imagine that they won't respond to that one either. As such, I had to dispute it with my credit card provider. :( I absolutely hate that I had to go to such lengths, but to me it's not acceptable for a company to just ignore their paying customers.

I appreciate the recommendations regarding XiTone, and am leaning that way now. I have sent an email asking for some feedback about the options and shipping times.

I'm still open to other suggestions as well, and greatly appreciate the feedback so far! Thank you!


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The RCF NX12SMA is the only other one I’ve used for extensive gigging. Sounds great, but it’s expensive. I did use an older 50 watt tube Atomic Reactor briefly (still have it), but the newer speakers have improved the breed significantly.

CLR is a weird company to deal with, in my experience. I have a CLR Neo MK II, and it’s my main FRFR. Great speaker system. Kind of like FAMC, though not as bad, they have a great product but their business model is a “take it or leave it“ sort that doesn‘t leave you feeling like a valued customer. Still, it’s a really good product... worth the wait if you can.

Good luck!


I use Xitone passive wedges with a Matrix power amp... They sound great, are built like tanks and Mic Farlow is great for communication and customer support.

They will also build you something custom...


Power User
I'd recommend listening to an Electro-Voice PXM-12MP if you can. Small, light, powerful, onboard DSP to help with room correction, coaxial, etc. And not too expensive.


I have the matrix active speakers. Advantage of active speakers is less rack space needed. Disadvantage is the heavier speaker and the power cord.

I am very happy with the Matrix speakers. Better than the DB I had and better than my headrush 212 though it is a close call. The difference between the headrush and the matrix is more a matter of taste than quality. I do think the headrush is less flat than the Matrix. I do think the headrush is more colored like a guitarspeaker.

Anyway, all just my 2 cents. The other brands I never tried or hear.


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Another vote for anything Xitone. I have owned two of his cabs - kept the active wedge for space - but the MBritt cab was killer for on stage amp feel...and the open back option was great. Can't go wrong there.


You'd probably like the Xitone for what you're playing, although I second the idea of good studio monitors if you're not playing out. Be aware that Xitone is also a small company (smaller than Atomic, no doubt). When I ordered mine around this time last year, he said it'd be shipping in 3 weeks, and I think it took more like 6-8. There were a couple of other guys in the forums at that time who were in a similar position. Everybody ultimately got their stuff, but it was frustrating. The funny thing is that I'd been on the CLR wait list for almost a year when I ordered the Xitone, and about three weeks into waiting for that I got the invitation to order a CLR. I ended up with a CLR in hand before my Xitone shipped.


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Thanks to everyone for the recommendations! I ended up purchasing a XiTone active wedge and the communication with Mick Farlow has been FANTASTIC!

I thought about the QSCs as they would be easy to obtain, but I'd rather have the better-built option with sound quality being the focus. :)

Thanks again!
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