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FRFR for Modeler which G66 Speaker do you recommend?

Do the Eli 8 have to be very loud for them to sound good and for you to be able to make sound settings that also sound good to similar over a PA?
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Hmm. Do any speakers really sound as good/the same at home as they do live? I'm honestly not sure but I haven't heard of them that I can remember. And it seems physics would support that (unless you have a really big home or are playing in a reallly small live environment). :)

I'd think most people would be better off having a set of (good) monitors for home and then a (good) set of PA/FRFR speakers (or power amp + real cab or IEMs ) for live use. Or getting the setup for live and accepting their limitations at home.
My Bluamps Cubo does both.
They sound awesome at home volume and also stellar at gig and rehearsal volume.
And they are loud as f..k!
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