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FRFR cab or studio monitors, for bedroom playing?


To chime in, I'm not an electrician but have contracted many over the years, interference is only as good as your electrical source, and environment that surrounds it. A respectable power filter should always be used with electronics.


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I think you should try FRFR monitors before you really commit to them. If that means ordering a pair of speakers with a good return policy, do it. FRFR monitors typically have tons of clarity and detail, but can lack in the pants flapping, big air moving department unless you get a really good, really large set of monitors plus a good sub to go with them. Guitar cabs can do the pants flapping thing fairly easily, and give you plenty of clarity as well, but you're locked into one sound per guitar cab.

I have a pair of Atomic CLRs and love them. Mine don't seem to have the hiss people are talking about. If you put your ear up to them then yeah you can hear faint white noise but it's not an issue at all when you're just in the room normally.

I hate to say it but between FRFR vs "amp + cab(s)" it's really up to your personal taste, as both solutions can sound fantastic, but neither really sounds like the other. You're going to want to try out both solutions and see what works for you. Personally I like both solutions, but I also know what to expect with both of them. A lot of guitar players used to guitar cabs find it really hard to transition to FRFR. You'll need to understand that FRFR absolutely can sound just as good as a real guitar cab, but not like a guitar cab. Also, the extended versatility you get with FRFR comes at the cost of a higher learning curve. You'll need to get to know IRs, how they sound, what sounds best, how they pair with each other, etc.

If you're going with a solid state amp + guitar cab solution, I'd recommend doing your research on cabs and speakers as well. Pay attention to what speakers work best for you before you commit to anything.

Pro tip: take it from a life long high gain fan, V30's aren't the end all be all high gain speaker like a lot of people say they are. I thought they were for a long time until I started really shopping around and comparing. Turns out that V30's are nowhere near my favorite speaker, even for the aggressive high gain stuff.


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with a budget of up to 1800$, what should i buy? friedman asc-12, mission gemini 2 or maybe a good pair of genelec?
currently playing with headphones (and they sound great).
no need for high volume at all. i'm playing mainly clean or light to medium gain. looking for a clear sound, doesn't love a lot of bass.
in general, what will sound better (clearer, more details, more similar to real amp): frfr cab or active monitors?
thanks :)
I'd second the studio monitor route. In addition to the Adam AX7, I'd look at the Focal Shape series:

The Adams are ported, the shape are sealed with passive radiators.


I bought a pair of these about 2 years ago and just love them: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SceptreS8--presonus-sceptre-s8-8-inch-powered-monitor

Excellent sound at any volume level. There's a lot more reviews now than when I bought them all top rated so that should tell you something, plus save you some coin. They're bigger than they look so check out the dimensions, my landlord asked me how many watts are those when they arrived... I said 25 🤭.
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