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Fremen - Synthpads & drones pack

Luiz, in fact I do have a video showing how to save presets step by step, the link is in the .pdf file in the pack
I don't have a FM3 yet. However, I'm not sure if this pack will have a FM3 version as the FM3 have only one synth block. I need to try it first
.... how Many presets until the end of updated ...;):)...??
Impatient to hear The Floyd tones with New phasers , Flangers blocks ...
Couldn't work today unfortunately, I'm too sick. I hope to finish the Pink Floyd pack tomorrow, if I'm feeling well enough to play. Fortunately, I only have "Comfortably numb" and "The wall" presets + the alternate versions of everything to complete
Thanks. I've been sick non stop since 4 February. Not coronavirus but I'm coughing constantly. At some point I even lost hearing in my left ear !
Hi Fremen, I'm interested in your Richard Hallebeek presets, mostly for that liquid lead tone, sort of Holdsworth-ish, I don't have anything that sounds like that.
But I play an SSS strat. Do you think that'll work for those sorts of tones?
Anyone else tried that pack with all single coils?
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