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Fremen Presets


New here
Hi all,

Axe fx virgin here New proud owner of the 3. Drooling over Fremens presets but he hasn’t updated them for the 3 yet (which is ok, he seems like a busy fella!)

Does anyone know if I buy some of his XL presets for now & convert them using FracTool would they work? Would love to know before handing over the $$$



New here
I migrated a fair number of them with FracTool... I was pretty happy with the results... FX settings transfer 100% and many of tha amps sound solid either as is or after a block reset. I consider them starting points like factory presets or my personal presets from the II.
Hey zenaxe,

Sorry so new to this I’m still learning. I grabbed Fremens Picks presets & was after the Floyd tones.
I followed his videos on how to load in the cab sims & presets. I followed the exact locations where to put the cab sims but then just picked out the Floyd presets and put them wherever in the empty user slots. Is that correct?
Aka the preset would find the correct cab? Or do I have to put the preset in exactly the same locations as his video?



You don’t have to put your presets at the same location, as long as the user cab corresponds o the given preset.
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