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Free HJ 4x12 RCA Cab Pack


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Thank you FAS for the IRs, and thank you iaresee for the preset.

What would be an example of a song or a style to play with these? I have been trying and tweaking for a while, but I still don't find any useful application. I find it too "harsh" when breaking up and too "glassy" when rolling down the guitar volume.

I have tried with two different Strats: American Deluxe with CS Fat'50 neck / SD SSL-5 bridge and Schecter Nick Johntson USA with SD Antiquity Texas Hot

I have been auditioning through Audeze LCD-2, Genelec 8010A and Mackie HR824
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I did a gig last night playing 90s/00s pub stuff. I changed it to clean, edge of breakup, crunch, and lead scenes with minimal tweaking and adding drive pedals. I only used a Tele all night. It handled everything from clean stealing kisses (although I used a fender amp for clean), to matchbox 20, to Creep, to AC/DC. It was one of the best sounds I’ve ever had and I got a number of compliments on it.


@Piing here 'tis... I haven't actually given it another listen, still just the quick changes I made. YMMV and all that! I was using a tele with the new Yosemite pickups, mostly on bridge with the treble wound back just a touch.



I’m not saying it’s good!!! 😂 It’s just a few tweaks I made to suit my gear. I changed the clean to a fender, and I found the second scene sounded clearer to me, so I copied it to all the other scenes and just added drive.
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