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Free FullRes Room IRs

York Audio

Power User
With all of the excitement around FullRes, I wanted to take some stereo room captures from several cabs for you guys to play with. These should cover the basic amp "food groups" for now. Let me know what you think, and have fun!

Cabs included:
YA 4x12 Brit Greenback - Based on a Marshall Checkerboard 4x12 loaded with 25w Greenbacks
YA 2x12 Class-A 30w - Based on a Vox AC30 loaded with Alnico Blues
YA 4x12 Recto - Based on a Mesa Oversized 4x12 loaded with Vintage 30s
YA 2x10 Vibrato Lux - Based on a Fender Vibrolux loaded with Jensen P10R



  • YA FullRes Room IRs.zip
    1.2 MB · Views: 789

Chuck P

For what it’s worth, I like using a primary single mic or Mix and then edging in the FullRes Rooms somewhere between -17dB up to around -12dB depending on how much of the effect you want. I like them panned hard left and right.
That's fantastic @York Audio - I get that you guys have a business interest here, but you seem to regularly go beyond that as an enthusiastic participant in the user community. I appreciate what you do.

My initial reaction to these longer IRs is suprise at how much stereoizing they add at -12dB or higher when hard-panned. I notice that effect as much or more than the sense of space. Will be fun to play with.
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