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*FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

Joe Bfstplk

Power User
Total newb questio here but... Just got my Axe FX III a couple of weeks ago. Do I just download the zip, extract, and load it with the Bot?


Do I need to purchase session 1 to use these?

You can extract the zip and then drag the folder onto the left sidebar in the 'manage cabs' window to load it, and then you can either just load them all, or audition them and load the ones you like.

I am AFK on my phone, so I can't verify the steps exactly. Someone else willl hopefully fill in the how-to on the cab auditioning process.


We are pleased to share the results of our second far-field IR capture session. These far-field IRs have at least 20 ms of reflection-free data. Those marked with "B" have roughly 30 ms. The number at the end of the IR name indicates the angle of the cab with respect to the microphone axis.

It is recommended to set the IR length parameter in the Cabinet block to 1024 when using these IRs, although MAX can be used at your discretion.

Based on the feedback of trusted listeners we think you'll agree that these are some of the best far-field IRs available today.

Staff picks are included in a folder named "Favorites".

Be sure to read and adhere to the included End User License Agreement (EULA). These files are available only in .syx format.

Are these pre-installed in FW 11.xx ?
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