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My band, as so many cover bands do, plays a cover of free bird. Unfortunately, we do not have a keyboard player, so the intro is never as recognizable as we would like. Given the amazing capability of fractal products, I was wondering if anyone had some ideas as to how to approach the intro sound - I found the stock preset Ric-O-Twelve, which got close with a little tweaking, but I wondered if anyone had a better idea.



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I’ll have to try that one. I made this recently for a song we did at church. Did the trick haha. I also have the rotary speed modulating with an LFO.

That just involved the Rotary and Pitch block added to my existing preset. So not really “optimized” strictly for organ.

do you have the preset?

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Fractal Audio Systems
Search for "Ham" in the factory presets. There's one with guitar and a Hammond-y sound that you could perhaps modify.


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The speaker drive sounds really nice. Adds some “3dness” to the tone. This sounds similar to what I get using an SSL style bus compressor with it set to just barely tickle the meter. Not doing a lot of compression but just adds something that makes the audio shimmer a tiny bit. Love it!
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