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Glenn DeLaune

Hey guys, Glenn here, yeah so this is my very first patch set for the AX8. I am offering them free for all of you who want to try them. I've uploaded all of them to the Axe Change. Here is the link if you want to check it out. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/s...=Glenn+DeLaune&fields=all&products=7&setups=0

There is a very wide variety there. Here is a video I just finished to showcase all of these patches.

I hope you enjoy them. I'd really like to hear your comments about them. Good or bad, please let me know. I just want to learn from what you have to say about them.

Thank you very much for your support.


Wow, so very generous of you!!
Can't wait to try 'em out and see if I can work some of your ideas into my own tones/patches!!!

Thank you so much!


Just tried these out and they are excellent, Glenn. I can tell that these will sound great over a PA. Might even try a couple at a show this weekend. Awesome work and thank you!

Ricci NZ

New Member
Thanks Glen, I've been watching your work with the " other" gear and loved your sounds, but had always hoped you'd do some on the Fractal AX8. Downloaded your patches and have passed on to others.


Fractal Fanatic
Thanks Glenn. Presets sound great even through my crapola computer speakers.

BTW, that is one busy thumb you've got there. Enjoyed the video


Yeah, Thanks Glenn! I have purchased patches from you on other platforms & glad to see you're doing some for the AX8! :cool:
Can't wait to give em a go.:D


Yeah Thanks Glenn! ... You and your patches were very helpful when I transitioned from a full Amp & Pedal board rig to the GT-100 a few years back.. used your presets as a guide line in developing my own. Can't wait to try your AX8 patches out and see whats lurking in them :D


Yes, Glenn! I believe I even purchased some of your patches for the Helix a little while ago before I "Fractaled".
I always get disoriented watching your picking hand with the thumb pick. Amazing technique and great playing (and tones, of course). I love the phaser on the Hotel California lead... it's the perfect setting.


These are absolutely superb.....Very savvy use of the gain staging for really nice dynamics and clear clean toneage . Hadn't yet checked out Glenn's stuff for the other modelers, but apparently his reputation is deserved...Well done and welcome, Glenn, I fear a few of my shekels may go your way..........


Glenn, you mentioned using the ducking delay, and I do not see you using it in any of the patched. Did I miss it?

Great sounding patches though, thank you!
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