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FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices


Hi all,
Here is something a lot of users have asked for : A tool to open XL presets on an AxeFx II mk1/mk2 and vice-versa. And open AX8/FX8 presets on AxeFx II/XL. And... OPEN AxeFx presets on AX8/FX8 ! :D
Or ax8 presets on AxeFx II
Or open Ax8 or AxeFx II presets or cabs on AxeFx III and FM3 !


  • It shifts usercab slots pointed by your CAB blocks so if an XL preset points to user cab 10, the converted II preset should also point to usercab 10, and viceversa
  • It converts Tonematch data if the preset embeds some. (not on AX8 of course)
  • Nothing is changed in the blocks parameters, so you may encounter differences if the AxeFx II reacts differently or if the XL preset used unavailable blocks (Y states)....
  • When converting to AX8, unavailable blocks are removed and replaced by shunts
  • Can convert offline
  • Shows preset layout (online & offline)
  • Shows preset layout if a conversion encountered unavailable blocks (online & offline)
  • Auto-updates to latest version (after 2.0 beta 16)
  • Can now convert presets to local files even if connected to a fas device.
  • Successfully converts blocks with different X/Y data sets between II/XL/AX8.
  • Bypass states should be kept between II and XL.
  • Now converts input block successfully to/from AX8.
  • Now converts approximatively to/from AX8 AMP block levels.

  • Now includes all functionalities (and more) of defunct AxeFxBankMgr
  • Allows you to audition easily banks/multiple presets at once just by dropping files on the FAS device icon.
  • Batch convert multiple banks/presets at once by dropping files on the harddrive icon.

  • Audition Multiple presets/Cabs
  • Convert/rearrange cabs banks
  • Create Cabs banks from single cabs or the reverse.

- Convert bundles

- Includes functionalities from AxeFxCabList

  • Allows renaming of Presets and Cabs in banks
  • Associates to syx file extension (win)
  • Allows you to export blocks from presets individually
  • Converts individual blocks and send individual blocks to the connected machine

  • audition tools when dropping a cab bank or multiple cabs : you can mark the cabs you like, set a timer for axefxsend to automatically let you audition a new cab every xx seconds etc...
  • Convert bookmarked cabs to a bank or saved them to individual cabs.
  • Supports zip files ! You can now drop a zip file containing cabs or presets or whatever ! :)

- NEW ! Compare amp models without changing any parameter ! And with their real world names

- NEW in 2.10 : access AxeChange presets/cabs !


- NEW in 2.16 : Online/Offline preset parameters display, Export to CSV/PDF/XML/HTML

- NEW in 2.20 : Preset and block randomizer

- NEW in 2.21 : Batch setter allows you to set/increase/decrease a parameter on multiple presets !

- NEW in 2.60 : Amp Resetter tool allows you to select which parameters you wanna keep and reset all your amps across multiple presets !

- NEW in 2.68 : extract tonematch data to WAV IR file!

- NEW in 2.74 : convert or see blk files!!

- New in 2.80 : convert II/XL/XL+/AX8/FX8 presets/cabs/banks to III !
See here:

"Use at your own risk"

And please donate if you like/use it ;)

Here is the tool :


If your "antivirus" (AVG/Windows Defender or other pseudo-antivirus) detects it as a virus, then adopt another antivirus.

Win : https://archive.axefx.fr/Tools/FracTool.exe
Mac (10.10+) :

I recommend you associate syx file extension to it, this will allow you to hear a preset/ir by double-clicking it.

Presets are sent to the edit buffer, you'll have to save where you want.

Irs are sent to scratchpad and present cab blocks are set to point to scratchpad, easing auditioning process.

Donations : https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CRDEGURGG6S7Q

Thanks to @FractalAudio for allowing me to do it, @duguy for beta testing and @tgunn for code inspiration.

Usage :

Here's a quick instructional how-to for AxeFXSend.

To convert an Axe-Fx XL preset for the Axe-Fx Mark I or Mark II:

1) Turn on your Axe-Fx Mk I or Mk II.

2) Open FracTool.

3) Wait for FracTool to recognize your Axe-FX. It'll say something like:

4) Now drag an XL preset file onto the FracTool window. The file will be converted and then loaded into your Axe's edit buffer, where you can tweak it to your heart's content.

5) Don't forget to SAVE if you want to keep it!

--- Or... ---

Just drop a syx file on FracTool and it will ask how you want it converted if no axefx/ax8 is there...​

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! This is NOT a Fractal Audio Systems product. It is neither endorsed by nor supported by Fractal Audio Systems. Should you require support after loading presets created by this program, Fractal Audio Systems has asked us to warn you that they may require you to erase your presets and reset system settings before providing any type of official support.

This software is provided "as is" with no performance guarantees. Any damages incurred as a result of its use are the sole responsibility of the end user, i.e., YOU.

The use of this software is free for personal use. Any commercial preset seller must first ask an express authorization for selling the converted presets, even if modified after conversion.

French video tutorial :

English video tutorial :
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Fractal Fanatic
Al you are a genius!! Thank you! :)

Do you think you can do something similar to convert AX8 presets to AFX and vice versa?
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