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Fractal vs. pedals Hmmmm...wanna weigh in?


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But if I had to choose, I'd pick this pedalboard, rip it apart, sell them all off and get 2 (or maybe 3) XL's:


It's like a paradigm wrapped in an enigma transcoded into a sad joke.

Tommy Tequila

Pretty lame, as the options PG poses aren't even equivalent.

The AxeFX could give you entire rig(s) with multiple settings (the artist presets.) A pedalboard leaves you without amp(s), cab(s), etc., and pretty much one routing.

Movin' on,


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Interesting concept. Can you post a sound clip?

I haven't used SND and RTN much so far... only to allow a second seperate chain when combined with FXL. I think I should start using them in my grids.

Hey Zwieb,

Follow up to this is here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-f...reverb-strymon-bigsky-copy-2.html#post1193771

I ended up abandoning the feedback loop idea completely. It just wasn't behaving at all like I expected, and I got a much better result using a few tweaks to some tried & true methods. A sound clip is also posted.
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