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Fractal VIDEOVERSE Channel - Some of the best videos...


We just created something called the VIDEOVERSE which is a curated selection of the best music-related videos on the web - Videoverse | Encore Music Lessons

And, because I'm a FAS Fan, we created a Fractal Audio Systems Channel - Fractal Audio Systems videos | Encore Music Lessons

There are almost 40 videos there to check out. We can organize them any which way (I'm open to suggestions). I'm hoping this could turn into a cool resource for the Fractal community!

If you know of other videos that should be listed, please suggest them.

There's only one rule: no clips. and no junk. only full length performances, interviews, how-tos, etc.

Let me know what you think!


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Dude, that video of Samuel Barber's Adagio.... it stuck me to the floor. It's long since been a favourite, but that performance is probably the best I've seen.

Thank you.


Hey guys,

I just added some great new vids to the collection. Fremen suggested that I add some of his. Not including them in the launch was which was a complete oversight on my part. For those of you who aren't familiar with him, he's an incredible sound designer for the Axe and gives his patches away. Here's his site - Fremen's guitar blog

I also included Cooper Carter's demo of the Axe-FX Looper and Chris @ Katsu Kuri Media's (Katsu Kuri Media Blog) new tutorial on the Scene Controllers in V12.

Check it out - Fractal Audio Systems videos | Encore Music Lessons

Feel free to suggest more!
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