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Fractal Sale Wow!!!


I bought the Misha Mansoor UR CaB Pack Bundle on the sale. It is a bundle of 4 cab packs.
ML BULB Angle Citrus
ML Bulb Zilla
ML USA Djent.

Couldn't pass it up.Gonna get nutz with CabLab tonight!!!!


I remember when I was on the fence about getting an Axe FX II.... the Black November sale pushed me over the edge. It has probably saved me more in G.A.S. than the cost of the unit and the MFC101 combined. It is truly the #1 purchase of anything I have ever bought.. I sound like a FanBoy.... probably because I am.....


Can Santa pwease bwing me an AxeFX II XL this year???? I have been such a good boy this year ........honest :smilingimp:
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