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Fractal Rack Project


That's pretty sweet looking. Fractal needs one of these for their trade show rack!


Fractal Fanatic
Yea that looks great. I love what you can do with all the LED lighting available these days..do you have your own CNC cutter to cut the front panel?


I wondered how long it would be before one of these turned up... nice job! So are you going to start a business? I imagen you can sell a quite a few.


Cool. Wouldn't want to dedicate a rack space to it, but if there'd be space left, well.


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I'm throwing money at my screen and nothing is happening!!!!

Yes, we are having the same problem over here in the States ... threw all sorts of money at the screen and nothing is happening and ...

... oh wait ... are we talking about Socalguitar's Fractal Logo 1-space panel?

I'm sorry, I thought we were talking about the Obamacare Website.

My bad! :)

EDIT: what ... too soon? :)
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