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SOLD Fractal MFC-101 Mark III w/Extras PRICE DROP

Doug Lewis

MFC-101 Mark III has been velcro mounted to a pedal train in soft case and isin really really good condition. It will include a nice selection of labels, the never used power supply, and the only data cable I've ever used (has never let me down). Will be shipped in the original packaging. MFC has left my cat free, smoke free, fish free, dog and gluten loving home to play with friends.

I've never had a bit of trouble and expect you won't either. Price is SOLD! paypal shipped in the lower 48 UPS ground insured. I will consider shipping international, but only with bank transfer and additional shipping fees. Please no trades.

IMG_3498.jpg IMG_3499.jpg IMG_3501.jpg IMG_3505.jpg


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Doug Lewis

Well, in the last week I've had 2 people say, "I'll take it", or "That works, how would you like me to pay?" and then they just quit replying. Both long time forum members. So the MFC is still available and won't be considered sold until money is sent.
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