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Fractal Load Box Question - Bass Amp


Our bass player has a Mesa Carbine 600 bass amp which he wants to use without the cab. He will run an XLR from the back of the cab clone to a mixer where it will be split to the FOH and his IEM.

I've seen the spec on the Fractal Load Box but it only goes up to 100W (the Carbine is 600W).

Could someone advise me if the Fractal Load Box is suitable please as the power amp section of the Carbine is transistor (not valve) and therefore the 600W is not necessarily an accurate figure when compared to the power from a valve power amp.

Before we blow something up, I thought I would ask here ... I didn't see a section on the forums for the load box so apologies is this this in the wrong place.

Thank you for your help

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