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Gui Freitas

hi can you help me?? I own the ax8 and would like to use 103 — 4x12 BASKETWEAVE TV MIX IR stock on my mooer radar. is it possible to download from ax8 and put it on mooer??.or would I have to buy this IR? if needed to buy, where do i find exactly this IR?? thanks
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The Fractal factory IRs are in a proprietary format for use with Fractal devices only. You can download them off the unit with Fractal Bot, but the resulting files will be entirely useless as they’re not in a format anything else can read.

That said, there are many excellent IRs out there you can buy which come in WAV and can be exported to anything. Check out producers like Ownhammer, ML Sound Lab, York Audio, Seacow, and so many more. 103 is one of the more famous factory cabs and if you search the forums via Google, you’ll find some tips on how to create similar sounds.
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