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Fractal-Bot: Read This First

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About Fractal-Bot aka "Bot" aka "FB":
  1. Always create backups of your presets etc. on a regular basis! Fractal-Bot makes it fast and easy.
  2. To connect Fractal-Bot to your computer, you may need to install a driver for your operating system (check your manual).
  3. If your Fractal Audio device has two USB ports, make sure you're using the right one (USB-B type).
  4. Fractal-Bot can be launched at as standalone application, of as an embedded tool from within the software editor (latest generation only).
  5. In case of issues, verify that you're running the latest version of Fractal-Bot.
  6. In case of connection issues, try another USB cable first.
  7. To prevent communications issues, don't run Fractal-Bot and the software editor at the same time.
  8. If Fractal-Bot hangs, check for corrupted presets or cabs.
  9. When using Global Blocks in your presets, make sure to back up the System data too.
  10. After restoring System data to your device, shut down your device and restart it.
  11. The "Auto-Update Firmware" feature in Fractal-Bot doesn't signal beta versions of firmware.
  12. Fractal-Bot doesn't save your editor's Block Library. The contents of the Block Library are already stored on your computer.
  13. If you've restored presets to your device with Fractal-Bot, and they don't seem to appear on your device, make sure that the device is running current firmware.
  14. When using an Axe-Fx II, disable USB Adapter Mode.
  15. If something goes wrong when installing new firmware, and your device won't boot, search the manual for "Emergency Boot Recovery".
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