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Fractal Bot quit unexpectedly again and again

Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
Mac 10.9.5
Tried restart
Tried fresh install
Tried shouting at my mac

I'm thinking that between porn and plugins, something must have gone ary. I don't use Anti-Virus, perhaps I should invest in some.
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Must be your OSx version , 19.9.5 . Regular mortals only get 10.10.5 version at this time....:)
If you upgraded to Quantum , use fractal boot 2.5

Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
Ha! Don't have my glasses on this morning. I've run a virus scan- all clear.

I'll download a fresh copy of FB and see how I get on. Thanks for the giggle and the help. :)
Is someone running here fractal bot with OS X 10.10.5?
Cause mine won't run
It doesnt see input/output ports

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Windows 8.1 here and program kept crashing. I downloaded a new copy and installed it and all is well.


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I'm getting full backups of Quantum with Fbot 2.0.5 on Mac OS 10.10.5

You can get it here axefx.fr

Make sure to delete Fbot before you install this one.


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I had the same experience - 5 crashes with Yosemite, and Quantum 1, when trying to do a backup with the Bot. I hadn't realized a new bot download was recently made available.

Note: I noticed, that if I disabled my wi-fi, I could run bot without the crash. But then, of course, it didn't notify me a newer version was available, because I wasn't on the web!

Anyways, after I installed the latest version, all functionality is 100%.


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Fractal bot crashed immediately over and over again here. iMac Yosemite, Axe FX II mark I, think I have the latest Fractal Bot version.


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+1. For FB 2.0.8 crashing non-stop on start on OS X

2.0.8: Crashes on invocation, will not even start.
2.5.0: Times out constantly, can't even do a back in pieces. Cabs never make it through.
2.0.6: Works like a Charm

You guys need to fix this. FB is a mess on Mac right now.


OSX 10.10.5 Macbook Pro. 2.08 was crashing during the autoupdate. I believe disabling Wifi/Internet will stop this. Pretty sure that's fixed in 2.5.0. I believe I originally had an issue with 2.5.0, but after a restart of my Mac... I haven't had any problems again.

So, after 2.5.0 install on OS X 10.10.5 and a subsequent reboot of my Mac I no longer have a problem.


Hi I am having the same problem, I installed last fractal bot software, and no when I am trying to backup y presets, when it reaches 97%, it stops, and says that it timed out, how do I fix this? do I have to reset system parameters?, will it erase my presets? can someone help?
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