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Fractal-Bot 3.00.06 file selection (linux & wine)


Disclaimer: I know that Linux is not supported. I still hope to get valuable input on this issue, and I very much hope that it can be resolved.

While trying to update FM3 firmware in linux & wine (something that was trivial so far with the AxeFx III), I discovered that from 3.00.05 -> 06 something changed drastically:

In 3.00.05 I can select the device (AxeFx III), it auto-detects the USB connection, I can select a firmware file, and then send it.
In 3.00.06 (rest unchanged), selecting the file does NOT show the filename in the box, hence I cannot send it.
Edit: Just checked with the internal FractalBot 3.00.07 of FM3-Edit, same as 3.00.06 (cannot select a file, same error).

When the file selection fails, console output reproducibly shows the message
wine 0009:fixme:pidl:SHGetNameFromIDList Unsupported SIGDN 80068000
Quick googling indicates that this seems to be some kind of issue resolving path names or similar..

Any ideas?
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Discovered the same issue :( Due to lack of time I just went back to 3.00.05... but would be good to find a "real" solution.


The same error is responsible for something I could not make sense of before: For at least a few weeks now, I have no longer been able to select the workspace dirs (presets, blocks etc) in Axe-Edit 3, the field just gets emptied. In this case there's an easy workaround available by just editing the settings file manually.


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I can reproduce this issue and swapped back and for forth between the version 3.0.6 and 3.0.4 to find the difference. It must have something to do with the select-file dialog. In the new version it looks different and I guess the simulated explorer gets opened in a different way (see screenshots) so it cannot communicate back to the fractal-bot to enter the file.

Long time ago I had a similar issue with opening files within a wine-program. The solution was to force wine opening all explorer dialogs with added parameters. Will post it here if I can find it again.

BTW - Nice to see other Linux users here!

Screenshot_Fractal-Bot_3.0.4.png Screenshot_Fractal-Bot_3.0.6.png


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Good news!

Just tried Fractal-Bot 3.00.08 on Wine 6.5 and the selected firmware file is shown again in the white box next to the browse button :D

OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed
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