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Fractal-Bot 2.10.0

Michael Pickens

FAS Software Engineer
Fractal Audio Systems
Fractal-Bot 2.10.0 is now live on the website and auto-update.


Release Notes

Expanded the Axe-Fx III Backup Type dialog to include separate backups for the entire system memory, the system settings only, and the foot controller settings only.

The "System + Global Blocks + FC" backup is an all-inclusive backup of the entire system memory. This backup includes Global Blocks as well as the separate System Settings and the Foot Controllers Settings backup. The resulting file will be appended "-system+gb+fc.syx". This backup is only available for firmware 1.09 or greater.

The previous Axe-Fx III Backup Type dialog option "Back up System Settings" has been renamed "System Settings Only". The "System Settings Only" contains the following data from the Axe-Fx III's Setup and Tuner menus: Global Settings, I/O, MIDI/Remote, and Tuner. When "System Settings Only" is selected the resulting file will be appended the "-system.syx" tag.

The previous Axe-Fx III Backup Type dialog option "Foot Controller Settings" has been renamed "Foot Controller Settings Only". The resulting file will be appended "-fc.syx". Previous version of Fractal-Bot appended "-footcontrollers.syx". The data backup is still the same as previous Fractal-Bot versions.

It is important to remember: Fractal-Bot and the Axe-Fx III use the contents of a .syx file, not the name of the file, to determine the backup type.

Utility mode's default MIDI Buffer delay is now 300 ms.

Fixed a bug in the "AX8 Backup Type" dialog in which selecting any of the "Back up sets of preset banks" caused all of the preset banks to be backed-up.
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