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Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Hoodoo Drive (based on: Voodoo Lab Overdrive)


NOTE: An earlier version of this write-up assumed that the Hoodoo Drive was based on the Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive. This was wrong. The write-up has been edited.


Hoodoo Drive (based on: Voodoo Lab Overdrive)

DescriptionA rare overdrive pedal, based on the OD Preamp 250, that in turn was the inspiration for Fulltone’s OCD
Yek’s TipRun it into a driven amp
Original ControlsGain (Gain), Volume (Level)

Voodoo Lab has been around since the 80s, designing and manufacturing a number of classic effects and audio tools. These days the company maybe is best known for their power supplies, powering many pedalboards around the world.

Their quite rare Overdrive pedal, not be confused with their Sparkle Drive, was released in the ‘90s. It has been discontinued for a long time now. The Overdrive was based on the DOD OD Preamp 250 (also modeled by Fractal Audio), with the addition of a gain stage. The Overdrive in turn inspired Fulltone to design the OCD (also modeled).

Like the OD 250, the Overdrive sounds best when run into an overdriven amp.

The original pedal has 2 knobs:
  • Gain: amount of overdrive (model: Gain)
  • Volume: output level (model: Level)

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Fractal Fanatic
I used to have a Sparkle Drive (mk I) on my board. I liked it a lot, but at the time I was playing in an 80/90s metal cover band, and I didn't have much use for it, so I sold it.


Power User
Yeah, the clean blend was a nice touch, but the fact remained that it was just another TS clone.

I mean that's the thing that sets it apart by a wide margin but ya haha. When I got my fx8 and could blend the wet and dry side of an overdrive, I immediately got some ideas. Just gotta implement them...


Yeah, the clean blend was a nice touch, but the fact remained that it was just another TS clone.
Yea, I've always thought that was the magic sauce on this pedal and the rest of it was pure TS topology. I haven't played with the model yet, so I'm curious to see if I've been really wrong about it's sound all these years.


This was one of my favorite drives back when I had a Mesa Mk IV. Liked it so much I had two...one for low drive and more clean and one for more drive and less clean.

Marshall BluesDriver->SparkleDrive Low->SparkleDrive Hi-> Butler Real Tube->Mk IV.

Good Times.


Fractal Audio Systems
It's not a Sparkle Drive. It's this:

A Sparkle Drive is simply a Tube Screamer with a mix control.


Fractal Fanatic
I ran through the new ODs last night. I tried both the 250s, the compulsory and this one, and I must say, this one was underwhelming.
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