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Andrea Maccianti

Hey friends! This preset is inspired by what was the sound of the guitars of many important productions of those years. The Los Angeles Sound that I adore immediately makes me think of greats of that period such as Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Dann Huff, Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce and many many others. The period of the beautiful Bob Bradshaw racks. Obviously this preset doesn't want to emulate anyone's sound, I consider it a generic preset in memory of that period. I created a Backing Track and recorded guitars with this preset. Each part of the song has its own scene. No post-production, NO Comps, EQs, Fx, double tracking guitars etc... Nothing, only the preset. At the end of the video, you can listen to the individual Scenes outside the Backing Track. 80's L.A. Preset for Fractal Audio AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8 has 4 Scenes.
Hope you like it! 😊🎸



Remind me of Bob Bradshaw's RC10 with refrager-shaped racks.
Awesome and really sounds great. Where to find the presets?....


New Member
When I saw the title I thought it will be a bit more of a HairMetal tones but still, great sound and great playing :)
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