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Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Steve Stevens

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Fractal Audio Systems

The latest in our Artist Preset Series is Steve Stevens! Steve's pack includes four presets and three custom cabs you can load into your Axe-Fx III or FM3. Several of the presets include multiple scenes and one even includes his famous "Raygun" effect. Steve also produced a video demo. Enjoy!

These presets require the following minimum firmware versions: Axe-Fx III v12.08 or FM3 v1.04
(Firmware 1.04 for the FM3 is here. Please update before installing these presets on your FM3)



Fractal Fanatic
What happens with the plexi AC preset with FM3
is it just omitted or are they split into 2 seperate presets


Fractal Fanatic
A kickass demo! Thank you Steve for taking time to record that for the all the Fractalites. Cheers!
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