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Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide


Aha, edited the wrong thread. The update message applies to the Drive Models Guide, not Amp models. Sorry.


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Will the three new amp model be included at some point?

EDIT: I just saw your newest reply - all makes sense now :)
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FWIW...I'm able to d/l the PDF, but it won't open with Adobe Acrobat. It says the file is damaged. (Same with the Drive model guide, BTW). I have been able to d/l and open other PDFs in Acrobat, such as the FAS AX8 manual, the BOT manual, many other PDFs, etc. So it's not an issue with my system AFAIK. Do I need some other kind of PDF reader to get these to work?
I tried this and I get the same error but it also pops an Adobe Acrobat DC page that looks like this


When I click on the file in this page it opens correctly - not sure what is happening. It is the DC version or Document Cloud so I'm assuming it has something to do with the cloud app - bet someone on here knows more.


Just tried again and both links worked for me this time. Both links are pointing to documents in Dropbox which I was able to d/l from there w/o issue. Thanks!

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The guide is periodically updated. Download the latest revision here.

March 2017:
  • Latest firmware, added relevant controls to table etc.
December 2016:
  • Added information about preamp tubes to each model.
October 2016:
  • Added new amp models, and some minor corrections.
August 2016:
  • The entire guide has been updated. Content has been added. Errors were corrected. The layout has been improved. The contents of the guide are now more up-to-date than the original threads.
This wonderful and useful Guide, Is no longer updated?
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